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Indie Games From the Kinda Funny Games Showcase We’re Excited For

In years past, the weekend following Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards is home to one of the biggest PlayStation-centered fan events of the year, PlayStation Experience. Fans from around the globe will gather together with members from Sony’s gaming ecosystem to celebrate all things PlayStation, and get a look at games ranging from large AAA publishers/developers, to small independent experiences. This […]

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Epic Games Announces ‘Epic Games Store’, Offers Greater Revenue Share for Developers

Epic Games, developer of the wildly popular free-to-play battle royale shooter Fortnite, announced today they are launching a brand new online storefront entitled Epic Games Store. In light of recent news on how revenue sharing will be altered for developers who publich their games via Steam, Epic has announced their new storefront will offer an 88/12 percent split between developers […]

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Valve and Perfect World Partner to Officially Bring Steam to China, But Also Bring Backlash

It’s official: Steam is coming to China. Well, it kind of was already there…but wasn’t officially there…but was official? Let me explain. In a press event held in the country, Valve, in a joint partnership with Chinese company Perfect World, have officially signed an agreement with Shanghai’s government to bring the popular gaming store front to China, creating Steam China. […]