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Shawn Layden on Sony’s Low Profile: ‘See You in the New Year’

Last night at the Game Awards 2018 was a stellar night for many gaming entities, including this console generation’s juggernaut, Sony. With their console exclusive, PlayStation 4’s God of War, taking multiple awards including the title ‘Game of the Year’, you would think the presence of the Japanese gaming giant would be felt more; but overall the company kept quite […]

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‘Ureal Tournament”s Active Development Ceases, Epic Games Confirms

With the announcement of their new storefront yesterday, Epic Games is planning on implementing new ways to access not only their current and future titles, but previous ones. In that vein, when approached about the status of Epic’s other current project ‘Unreal Tournament’, the company confirmed that active development has still ceased on the game for the time being. In […]

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THQ Nordic Acquires “Carmageddon” IP from Stainless Games

The question that gamers, media members, and those in the gaming industry alike have been asking is not “What forgotten IP will THQ Nordic buy next?”, but “What won’t they?”; and with today’s announcement from the publisher, that mindset continues to become more and more solidified. In a statement released by the company, THQ Nordic has announced their acquisition of […]

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Valve and Perfect World Partner to Officially Bring Steam to China, But Also Bring Backlash

It’s official: Steam is coming to China. Well, it kind of was already there…but wasn’t officially there…but was official? Let me explain. In a press event held in the country, Valve, in a joint partnership with Chinese company Perfect World, have officially signed an agreement with Shanghai’s government to bring the popular gaming store front to China, creating Steam China. […]