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Apex Legends Revealed, Free to Play Battle Royale Now Available On PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Respawn Entertainment, the makers of Titanfall, have announced a new free to play battle royale game in the futuristic FPS franchise called Apex Legends. Meshing the hero shooter style found in games such as Overwatch with the battle royale genre, Apex Legends will adopt the free to play method, bring the unique take on the widely popular genre. Rumors began […]

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Zelda II and Blaster Master Headed to Nintendo Switch Online’s NES App on January 16th

Two well known classic titles are making their way to Nintendo Switch Online’s NES App next week, with Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Blaster Master finding a home in the subscription service’s online library. The two titles join an ever growing list of classic Nintendo Entertainment System games available through the Nintendo Switch’s online service, which now spans […]

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Prey, Project Cars, and Metro 2033 Redux Coming to PlayStation Now in January

PlayStation Now, Sony’s on-demand game service, has slowly and quietly dominated the game services market for quite some time now. Reported late last year, the service accounted for over 51% of all gaming subscription services on the market. Bundled with the option of being able to download games available now instead of streaming, makes the service even more attractive to […]

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Obsidian Releases 15 Minutes of ‘The Outer Worlds’ Gameplay

Obsidian Entertainment officially announced their newest project The Outer Worlds last night at the Game Awards 2018. Following the announcement, the newly owned Microsoft studio has released a new 15 minute gameplay video showcasing what fans can expect from the upcoming cosmic RPG. In the demo released by Game Informer, Obsidian shows off the gameplay style, which gives off major […]