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Apex Legends Revealed, Free to Play Battle Royale Now Available On PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Respawn Entertainment, the makers of Titanfall, have announced a new free to play battle royale game in the futuristic FPS franchise called Apex Legends. Meshing the hero shooter style found in games such as Overwatch with the battle royale genre, Apex Legends will adopt the free to play method, bring the unique take on the widely popular genre. Rumors began […]

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PUBG Moblie Now Has As Many Players As Fortnite

While the battle royale market has been largely dominated by Epic Game’s Fortnite this year, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has still found success this year, specifically in the mobile market; and it looks like the team will have another feather to put in their cap. In a statement to the Verge, PUBG Corporation confirmed that the mobile version of the popular battle […]

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Epic Games Announces ‘Epic Games Store’, Offers Greater Revenue Share for Developers

Epic Games, developer of the wildly popular free-to-play battle royale shooter Fortnite, announced today they are launching a brand new online storefront entitled Epic Games Store. In light of recent news on how revenue sharing will be altered for developers who publich their games via Steam, Epic has announced their new storefront will offer an 88/12 percent split between developers […]

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PUBG Drops on PS4 on December 7th, Exclusive Content

After continuous rumors surrounding its release, it is now official: prepare to drop, PlayUnknown’s BattleGrounds is coming to PlayStation 4 on December 7th. In a statement release via the┬áPlayStation Blog┬átoday, Development Project Manager Joon H. Choi confirmed the big news that many fans have bene waiting and expecting to hear for over a year now. “Bringing PUBG to the PS4 […]