The Division 2 Private Beta Available Via Mountain Dew AMP Game Fuel Pre-Order on

Ubisoft and Pepsi Co. are teaming up to bring fans of both a special promotion for the publisher’s upcoming release of the Division 2, and you’ll need to stock up on Game Fuel to get in the game.

Fans can gain access to the private beta of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 by pre-ordering a new line of Mountain Dew AMP Game Fuel drinks from The drink are currently on the big box retailer’s site for pre-order in 12-packs for $20 a piece, and come in a variety of flavors including Charged Cherry Blast, Charged Berry Blast, Charged Original Dew, and Charged Tropical Strike. On top of that, the first 1,000 customers to pre-order their 12-pack of Game Fuel will get a Bonus Prize Pack valued at $25.

Judging from the fine print of the deal released alongside the attached promotional material, instructions on how to receive your code will be sent out to those who preordered the drinks in mid-January when Walmart begins shipping the beverages.

It isn’t out of the ordinary for publishers to partner with various food and beverage companies to promote an upcoming release, with series like Halo regularly partnering with the Mountain Dew brand. What’s out of the ordinary is the process of pre-ordering a drink to gain access to the specific promotion.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 follows the events of its predecessor, with the setting moving from New York City to the United State’s capital, Washington, DC. The game is set to release on March 15th, 2019.

Save $100 On All PlayStation VR Bundles Starting on 12/16

Virtual reality continues to be a hot topic in gaming, and rightfully so. It’s a diverse subject. On one hand, the crowd who were early adopters of the new gaming tech love it, whether it’s on PSVR, Oculus or Vive; the other crowd views the barrier of entry to be too high for the quality of VR currently. Neither side is completely wrong. Most PC VR sets are quite expensive, not to mention the investment needed in your PC alone to run the applications. Sony’s answer to consumer VR embodies a different mindset. While the quality isn’t as sharp as what you could find on a 4K-ready PC gaming rig, its a great consumer-friendly peripheral that gives an awesome VR experience on any PlayStation 4 system. While many have still been weary on dropping over $300 to get into the PSVR ecosystem, a new upcoming sale may eliminate those fears.

In a newly released campaign by PlayStation, the company announced they would be running an exclusive sale of $100 off all PlayStation VR bundles currently available starting December 16th and running through December 26th.

Bundles start at $199, that include the PSVR headset, PlayStation Camera, and two VR exclusive titles: Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss. Two bundles are available at the $250 price point, both including the PSVR headset, PlayStation Camera, and a set of PlayStation Move Controllers. Where the $250 bundles differ are in which titles are included with them: one offers Creed: Rise to Glory & Super Hot VR, the other includes Borderlands 2 VR & Beat Saber.

The same promotion was offered during the Thanksgiving-Black Friday weekend last month, which saw units flying off the shelves at a record pace. Now with an additional bundle to offer in Borderlands 2 VR/Beat Saber, PlayStation VR looks to continue making sales waves through the end of the year.

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Project CARS 3 Officially in Production, Confirms CEO

A new entry into the Project CARS series is officially in development, confirms Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell.

In a GTPlanet forums post, Bell officially made the project officially known to fans of the popular site. “You heard it here first. There will be a new pCARS, it’s signed.” Bell stated. While no release date was confirmed, Bell assured fans that the wait will be worth it, saying “I can’t tell you anything but don’t hold your breath on timings. We plan to blow anything else, planned by anyone else, out of the water…That will take a while.”

Fans tried asking follow up questions to the studio chief, but were met with the continuous statement “I can’t tell you anything, sorry.”

The Project CARS series was first released in May 2015 on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 to generally favorable reviews, leading to its follow up, Project CARS 2, in September of 2017.

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All of the New Info Surrounding Xbox’s Project Scarlett and Project Roma

For majority of the current console generation, the gap between Microsoft and Sony has been quite extensive. As the Sony’s PlayStation 4 inches closer and closer to their inevitable 100 million units sold mark, Microsoft has been trying to make ground to right the ship with the Xbox brand due to the poor sales performance of the Xbox One. For months now, Microsoft continues to position themselves for a stellar performance in the next console generation, by acquiring and opening a staggering amount of first party studios focused on exclusive titles and continuously improving the consumer-friendly Xbox Game Pass streaming service. With confirmation of the next generation of Xbox hardware in the works at the company’s E3 press conference in June 2018, we have began to get tiny tidbits of info leaking out about what the company has planned next.

Two models of the console have been rumored for months. One of the upcoming Xbox iterations is centered around a traditional console experience with the expected power of such, while the other has a focus on game streaming and a lower price point. Along the same lines as the latter, Microsoft is now reportedly planning to release another new iteration of its current generation console in early 2019, referred to currently as Xbox Project Roma. According to Brad Sams, a reporter for, a diskless Xbox One is being developed by Microsoft to arrive in early 2019. Players will only be able to download games digitally on the console, but will still have the functions provided in an Xbox One S with a lower price point. What is also interesting is the approach the company is taking with how they will be selling the console, using a method they refer to as ‘digital attachment’. For example, when a consumer goes to Microsoft’s online store and want to purchase the new diskless Xbox One, they will be greeted by a myriad of options. Players can purchases subscription services such as Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass during a single transaction, to then have said services preinstalled and ready to go when they receive their system. One would imagine that games will be able to follow suit in being preinstalled for users during this process, but Sams doesn’t specifically mention if that is the case.

In terms of Xbox’s Project Scarlett, the rumored 2020 release date is still planned as of now, per Sams, but it sounds as though the streaming iteration may have taken a slightly different design approach as many have imagined. Sams continuously refers to the streaming device as a ‘stick’, similar to what you would find in Amazon’s successful line of TV Fire devices. With the announcement of Microsoft’s Project xCloud in October, this supposed decision actually seems to align with Microsoft’s officially known plans. The traditional console in the Project Scarlett line looks to continue Microsoft’s relationship with AMD and their line of CPUs and GPUs, using AMD’s Xen 2 and their upcoming generation of GPUs.

While this information is still to be viewed as a rumor, a lot of the information aligns well with what Microsoft has publicly addressed, so I don’t view it as preposterous. With 2018 nearing its end, and the ‘early 2019’ release window attached to Project Roma, we may be seeing Microsoft officially announce the hardware quite soon.

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Indie Games From the Kinda Funny Games Showcase We’re Excited For

In years past, the weekend following Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards is home to one of the biggest PlayStation-centered fan events of the year, PlayStation Experience. Fans from around the globe will gather together with members from Sony’s gaming ecosystem to celebrate all things PlayStation, and get a look at games ranging from large AAA publishers/developers, to small independent experiences. This past September however, Sony decided to take a year off from hosting PlayStation Experience, due to a lack of new content justifiable enough to host a major press event. With many small studios and development teams relying on the Sony event to showcase their upcoming projects, it looked as if there would be no metaphoric podium to spread the word.

Enter Kinda Funny. For those who aren’t familiar with the San Francisco based content creators, Kinda Funny is composed of multiple former IGN hosts and producers, including Greg Miller, Tim Gettys, and Nick Scarpino. Being so rooted with the PlayStation brand from his days as one of IGN’s PlayStation leads, Miller knew how important the fan event was to so many teams, big and small. This led him and his team to pick up the ball and run with it, creating their own showcase called the ‘Kinda Funny Games Showcase’ in hopes that smaller teams get the exposure they hoped to get from the annual PSX event.

The Kinda Funny Games Showcase aired yesterday, December 8th, advertising just under 70 games, from studios of all sizes. No restrictions were made on showcasing specific console exclusive games, resulting in a wide array of install bases being represented. With that being said, here are five games from the showcase that tickled our fancy and can’t wait to try out:


Operencia: The Stolen Sun

Developed by Zen Studios, known for their successful and quite popular Pinball FX series, comes Operencia: the Stolen Sun; a modern take on classic first-person dungeon-crawlers. With sprawling environments, and a vibrant art style, players will explore the mystical land of Operencia, solving puzzles and fighting their way through creatures and enemies of all shapes and sizes. Players will have the ability to grow their party of characters, with a multitude of specializations for each one. Turn-based combat gives players an element of strategy through various spells and skills, while also being paired with tile-based movement that encourages players to thoroughly explore each area. Operencia: The Stolen Sun is scheduled for a 2019 release date on Steam, with users being able to wishlist the game now. For more information, visit the game’s official site.



Falcon Age

From OuterLoop Games, comes Falcon Age; a first-person single-player action adventure title for PlayStation VR. Players will experiences Ara’s story, who is wrongfully thrown in jail for a minor offense during an invasion of machines. While serving her sentence, she befriends a young hawk, and together they find a way to escape imprisonment, and set off on a journey to reclaim humanity’s freedom from the machine overlords. You will learn to hunt, gather, and fight using the lost art of falcon hunting, using the PlayStation’s Move controllers. The game is built from the ground up with PlayStation VR technology in mind, but also offers a traditional playstyle on the PlayStation 4 with FPS controls. Falcon Age is set for a 2019 release window. For more information, check out their official website and official PlayStation page for updates on the upcoming release.



The Church in the Darkness

Can you find the truth behind the Collective Justice Mission? The Church in the Darkness, developed by Paranoid Productions, takes top-tier storytelling and combines it with the stealth, top-down combat from games such as Metal Gear Solid, and gives players complete control of almost every outcome. You play as Vic, a former police officer, who travels to South Africa to find his nephew Alex, who as joined the cult that is now stationed in Freedom Town. Your mission? Break into the compound and uncover what the Collective Justice Mission is truly up to. Players are granted complete control on how to handle encounters. Should you stealthy take out each guard, or intimidate your way through the village? The choice is yours; but remember, you must live with the consequences. The Church in the Darkness is scheduled for a 2019 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC/Mac (Steam). For more information, visit Paranoid Production’s official page.



It Lurks Below

From David Brevik, the creator of the iconic Diablo series, comes It Lurks Below; a retro-styled, 2D, action-oriented, survival RPG. Think Terraria meets Diablo. Players will have the ability to create custom characters with a plethora of class choices to fit anyone’s playstyle. Whether you enjoy slashing your way through hordes of enemies, to summoning magic to fend off fiend, to long ranged attacks; there’s a character for you. The procedurally generated dungeons, multitude of seasons and depth below provide players hours upon hours of content, with randomized weapons and enemies to keep even the most grizzled of players on their toes. It Lurks Below is now available in an Early Access build on Steam. For more information, check out the game’s official page.



The Wild Eight

The Wild Eight, from HypeTrain Digital, provides a unique twist on the survival genre, giving players a compelling plot with a reliance on cooperating together. Pitting players in a top-down perspective in the frigid temperature of the Alaskan wilderness pushes players to work together to survive the night, along with uncover the mysterious plane crash that threw you into this predicament. The wilderness and wildlife aren’t your only worry; abandoned government labs and military bunkers sprinkle the environment, filled with fatal surprises. With traces and clues of experiments gone wrong, maybe the plane crash doesn’t seem so accidental. Can you uncover the secrets while trying to survive? The Wild Eight is available now in an Early Access build on Steam, with a full release set for March 2019, along with a console release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in August 2019. For more information, visit the game’s official site.


These are only a handful of the unique and interesting titles announced/updated in yesterday’s showcase that we are excited for. From surprise showings such titles as Sega’s Judgement coming to the west for the first time this summer and Skybound Game’s completion of Telltale’s the Walking Dead: the Final Season being updated, the Kinda Funny Games Showcase was one that truly is a major milestone for not only indie developers, but for content creators and their impact on the industry. To watch the showcase in its entirety, head over to Kinda Funny Games’s YouTube page to get filled in on all of the awesome projects shown yesterday.

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Shawn Layden on Sony’s Low Profile: ‘See You in the New Year’

Last night at the Game Awards 2018 was a stellar night for many gaming entities, including this console generation’s juggernaut, Sony. With their console exclusive, PlayStation 4’s God of War, taking multiple awards including the title ‘Game of the Year’, you would think the presence of the Japanese gaming giant would be felt more; but overall the company kept quite a low profile.

While Sony Interactive Entertainment chairman and metaphoric ‘face’ of PlayStation, Shawn Layden opened the show along sing Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé and Microsoft VP Phil Spencer in a historic moment, Layden was rarely seen moving forward. Both Nintendo and Xbox had one on one moments during the event, with each of their respective presidents talking to show creator Geoff Keighley in their own segments; yet PlayStation was seemingly missing from that trend. When the issue was raised in a tweet by streamer ‘Stormthebard’, Layden responded saying  ‘See you in the new year’.

While nothing has been confirmed by Sony or the PlayStation team specifically on what fans should suspect, Bonus Accessory reported a rumor a few weeks ago on what possible plans for the company could be, including a possible mid-2019 reveal event for the inevitable PlayStation 5. Those rumors came on the heels of Sony announcing PlayStation wouldn’t be present at the upcoming E3 2019 Expo for the first time in its 24 year history.

It’s hard to stay what Sony has cooking for the upcoming year, but from the current trend of the company and how it seems to be positioning itself for a next generation jump, 2019 may be quite the year for fans of the blue brand.

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BREAKING: Next ‘Far Cry’ Game to be Revealed at the Game Awards 2018

While the newest entry into the Far Cry series just saw its release earlier this year in Far Cry 5, fans of the Ubisoft franchise will not have to wait long to get a peek at what’s next in its zany world.

In a tweet released by the game series’s official account, Ubisoft has announced they will be revealing the next entry into the long-running Far Cry series live at this Thursday’s Game Awards. A short teaser trailer was released alongside the announcement, showing what appears to be a post-apocalyptic setting for the upcoming game.

Far Cry 5 just released this past March to overall positive reviews, along with breaking its franchise sales record. Post release, the game was the second highest selling Ubisoft game, following only Tom Clancy’s The Division.

No details have been released outside of those depicted in the teaser announcement video, but with the Game Awards airing live tomorrow, December 6th, fans won’t have to wait long to see what the Far Cry team is cooking up next.

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Phil Spencer to Present at the Game Awards 2018

The list of notable names presenting at the Game Awards 2018 keeps growing and growing, and in terms of gaming industry icons, the show may have landed their biggest catch yet.

In a tweet posted by show creator Geoff Keighley, he confirms that Phil Spencer, vice president of gaming at Microsoft, will be presenting at tomorrow night’s award ceremony. Spencer is known by many as one of the main public faces of the Xbox brand, along with Larry Hryb (or known by his gamertag ‘MajorNelson’).

Spencer has been at the forefront of the push for exclusive titles, acquiring more studios to become first party affiliates, along with internally creating more studios. To date, Microsoft now owns 13 first party studios, including the recent acquisition of Obsidian Entertainment, who will be revealing their newest title at the Game Awards 2018.

While no confirmation has been made if he will be making an announcement himself, or will be introducing the new Obsidian Entertainment project with the development team, it is always exciting when the big boss of the green team is in town.

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RUMOR: Metroid Prime Trilogy Listing Appears

UPDATE: Since the discovering of the listing, Inet has changed the wording on their site to read Produkten är endast ett rykte, men vi tror det kommer annonseras på The Game Awards med lansering tidigt 2019 (feb?)”, which roughly translates to “The product is just a rumor but we think it will be announced at the Game Awards with a early launch in feb 2019”.

With rumors swirling that Nintendo will be showing new footage from the upcoming Metroid Prime 4 this Thursday at the Game Awards 2018, there has also been whispers of the long rumored Metroid Prime Trilogy port for the Nintendo Switch making an appearance as well. Adding more smoke to the metaphoric fire, now it seems the product page for the rumored collection has leaked to an international storefront.

As first pointed out by Twitter user @Nitomatta, Swedish retailer Inet released a product page for Metroid Prime Trilogy on Nintendo Switch. While this possibly could be a placeholder SKU for retailers to prepare for an inevitable announcement of a highly rumored game, it is interesting to see the timing of this pop up. Normally, placeholder SKUs aren’t supposed to post live to the page until an official announcement, so either way it seems to be an error on the store’s end. As of the time of this article’s posting, the listing is still live.

Various members of the gaming media have been commenting on the possibility of the collection’s existence in the future. Liam Robertson, who is known for his work on DidYouKnowGaming, ComicBook, and NintendoLife to name a few, thinks the listing is just based off rumors and the retailer doesn’t have concrete knowledge on the game; yet he does state the collection is a “real thing”.

Metroid Prime 4 was first announced at Nintendo’s E3 2017 Direct to massive amounts of fan excitement. Since then, Nintendo has been quite coy surround the subject of the game’s release. Gameplay footage has yet to be revealed, nor a cinematic of any kind; yet Nintendo of America president and CEO Reggie Fils-Aimé states development is progressing well, and that the company has an internal date for the game’s release.

A Metroid Prime Trilogy collection has released previously on the Nintendo Wii in 2009, and included Metroid Prime (GC), Metroid Prime II: Echoes (GC), and Metroid Prime III: Corruption (Wii). Fans have been hoping for a re-release to bring the series into age of high-definition, while also giving those who didn’t originally play the trilogy the opportunity to do so before the newest entry drops in the near future.

Be sure to tune into the Game Awards 2018 this Thursday, December 6th at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST to find out if we hear from Metroid Prime 4 and the rumored Metroid Prime Trilogy port.

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Multiple Diablo Projects to be Revealed Over ‘The Coming Year’, Blizzard Confirms

While the backlash surrounding Diablo Immortal still continues to roll in, Blizzard has reassured fans that the mobile version of the classic series isn’t the only project in the works.

In a response to a forum post over at, user ‘Nevalistis’, a community manager for the Diablo team at Blizzard, has confirmed that the company plans to release information on multiple Diablo projects over the coming year. “We continue to read feedback and our internal discussions are ongoing. We have many plans for Diablo across multiple projects which we’ll be revealing over the course of the coming year”, Nevalistis stated. “We are eager to share more about all of our projects, but some will have to wait as we prefer to show you, rather than tell you, about them. It’s going to take some time as we strive to meet your expectations, but now, more than ever, we are committed to delivering Diablo experiences the community can be proud of.”

Rumors of a supposed confirmation of Diablo 4 have been circling the internet for months now, including a scrapped BlizzCon 2018 reveal video and a complete overhaul of the development on the game; a possible remaster of Diablo 2 has been thrown around as well. At this point, Diablo 4 has all but been confirmed, from multiple sources, but the ball still remains in Blizzard’s court on when the public will officially know of it.

Diablo, which has been one of Blizzards most popular franchises for over two decades, has continued to see support in the forms of various ports and re-releases of its latest release, Diablo 3, including most recently on the Nintendo Switch.

While fans remain skeptical on what the Diablo team at Blizzard is working on, it looks like the gaming world won’t have to wait much longer until the curtain is pulled back on what Blizzard is cooking up.

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