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Category: Competitive Gaming

All news, results, rumors, and opinions in regards to the competitive gaming scene.

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IEM Chicago 2018 CS:GO Finals Preview

In about 2 hours, the IEM Chicago grand final will begin. The Teams The grand final includes: Liquid, and Astralis, who have a lot of history recently in CS:GO. The Danes of Astralis have dominated the matchup lifetime with 28 wins and just 9 losses against the North American squad. Overall, Astralis has enjoyed success as of late, including their […]

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Esports Arena Partners with Walmart, Bringing LAN Stations In-Store, New Line of PCs/Laptops

eSports is a sect of gaming that continues to rapidly grow, and it may be getting exposure to an even broader audience very soon. Esports Arena, a Santa Ana, California based company who has a chain of state of the art, large, indoor facilities focused on holding eSports events has partnered with the popular retailer Walmart to bring a multitude […]