The list of notable names presenting at the Game Awards 2018 keeps growing and growing, and in terms of gaming industry icons, the show may have landed their biggest catch yet.

In a tweet posted by show creator Geoff Keighley, he confirms that Phil Spencer, vice president of gaming at Microsoft, will be presenting at tomorrow night’s award ceremony. Spencer is known by many as one of the main public faces of the Xbox brand, along with Larry Hryb (or known by his gamertag ‘MajorNelson’).

Spencer has been at the forefront of the push for exclusive titles, acquiring more studios to become first party affiliates, along with internally creating more studios. To date, Microsoft now owns 13 first party studios, including the recent acquisition of Obsidian Entertainment, who will be revealing their newest title at the Game Awards 2018.

While no confirmation has been made if he will be making an announcement himself, or will be introducing the new Obsidian Entertainment project with the development team, it is always exciting when the big boss of the green team is in town.

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