For what seems to be to the surprise of many, Just Cause 4 released yesterday on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, for the past 36 hours, fans have been soaring around the huge open world, doing crazy stunts and blowing up everything they can think of in Square Enix’s newest release. While the is known for its crazy stunts and acton movie level stunts, the newest entry may now be know for having one of the best easter eggs in all of gaming.

In the clip above, if the players venture to the area marked in the video, you can take a flight of stairs down to a scene directly resembling the memorable music video for a-ha’s “Take on Me”. The music video for the popular 80’s song depicts a lady entering what seems to be a comic book and being chased throughout various panels of drawings. Almost one billion views have been amassed on the YouTube video version.

While many games have implemented a multitude of easter eggs in their games (the Grand Theft Auto series having quite a few throughout their history), this may be the most original and well designed one out yet.

Just Cause 4 currently sits at a 75/100 on MetaCritic, with many reviewers labeling it a “review in progress” due to the quick release of the game.

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