While the newest entry into the Far Cry series just saw its release earlier this year in Far Cry 5, fans of the Ubisoft franchise will not have to wait long to get a peek at what’s next in its zany world.

In a tweet released by the game series’s official account, Ubisoft has announced they will be revealing the next entry into the long-running Far Cry series live at this Thursday’s Game Awards. A short teaser trailer was released alongside the announcement, showing what appears to be a post-apocalyptic setting for the upcoming game.

Far Cry 5 just released this past March to overall positive reviews, along with breaking its franchise sales record. Post release, the game was the second highest selling Ubisoft game, following only Tom Clancy’s The Division.

No details have been released outside of those depicted in the teaser announcement video, but with the Game Awards airing live tomorrow, December 6th, fans won’t have to wait long to see what the Far Cry team is cooking up next.

For more updates on the Game Awards, including the announcement of the next Far Cry game, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and keep it locked in at Bonus Accessory.

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