Fallout 76 Canvas Bag Debacle Nears End as Bethesda Releases Replacement Plan

Fallout 76 has struggled out of the gate since its launch a few weeks ago, to say the least. Poor review scores, various bugs & glitches, along with communication issues have lead Bethesda Games Studios into a PR surrounding the game. On top of that, Bethesda found themselves caught in the middle of an issue surrounding the Power Armor Edition of the game, in which fans who purchased the special edition of the bag were promised a high-quality West Tek canvas duffel bag to store the replica T-51 Power Armor Helmet that came included, only to receive a cheap, nylon version of said bag. Fans have complained that the game has now fell under the confines of false advertising, with Bethesda even acknowledging the misstep in communication on changing the material of the bags, and offering players who bought the edition $5 of in-game credit; to no one’s surprise, that didn’t go over too well. But, the company has confirmed that a plan to replace the bags for the proper material is now in place.

In a tweet released by Bethesda’s Support account, the company stated that they are finalizing plans for replacement canvas bags for the Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition. Bethesda encourages those who bought the collector’s edition of the game to visit the direct link they provided in the tweet and submit a request ticket by January 31st, 2019. No timetable was provided by Bethesda on when the bags would be ready to ship.

Those who have purchased the game are struggling to find answers on a multitude of issues and requests aimed towards the usually transparent publisher/developer. Some customers who purchased the game have been able to get returns for it, but now the communication with Bethesda has become crossed on how to receive a refund for the game, which may lead to possible legal issues.

What Bethesda does next will be interesting to say the least. With the highly anticipated new IP, Startfield, possibly next up on the docket for Bethesda Games Studios, along with the developer’s crown jewel, the Elder Scrolls, having its sixth entry arrive after that, the company wants to get back into the good graces of fans; and something tells me replacing canvas bags won’t be enough.

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Author: Travis White

Editor-In-Chief & Creator of Bonus Accessory. When not publishing on Bonus Accessory, Travis also host the Game Pass Gamecast podcast, centered around Xbox & PC gaming. He also knows that Ubisoft will eventually make another mainline Splinter Cell title (may not be until he's 50, but hey, he'll take it).

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