Phil Spencer Confirms Microsoft Will Continue to Attend E3, Learning From Negative Feedback on X018 Event

It’s only December, and E3 2019 is already starting to shape into form in a public fashion, with Sony announcing they will not be attending the gaming-focused conference for the first time in its 24 year history a few weeks ago. With some sects of the industry seeing a downfall in importance for the conference, many members of the media have been raising the question if this will start to become the trend between the three big console manufacturers: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. From the stand point of Microsoft, Phil Spencer says they aren’t going anywhere.

During the company’s Extra Life charity live stream over the weekend, Microsoft’s VP of gaming, Phil Spencer, confirmed that the company will continue to attend the event for years to come, among other topics. “I’d say most of our efforts and the reason why we like E3 the way we do… We could do this on our own or direct… We just think it’s an awesome and frankly convenient way for the fans to experience video games. I think we do it because it’s a U.S. celebration in L.A. It’s easy for people in the U.S. to come to one place and just share their love of video games” the long-time Xbox executive said when asked on their stance and view of the future of the conference. “My hope is that E3 continues to grow. I think it’s gonna change in some ways, but I look at all these events like XO, E3, the FanFest that we do at Gamescom; While we were doing the fanfest in Mexico City, I think we also had one in Milan going on at the same time. We can reach retailers, we can reach press in so many different ways.”

Spencer, who has been associated with Microsoft since the late 1980s, has been very vocal and transparent with fans over the last few years, with much in part being the importance of gaining back fan support with the Xbox One’s rocky start. He also touched on a multitude of other topics related to Microsoft gaming events during the live stream, including on where he sees the direction of the reincarnated X0 events heading. “We didn’t announce anything about next year, but I can say we’re really happy with XO this year and how it went, and we want to do it again.” While the one major criticism fans had with the event was the lack of new games announcements, Spencer understands their frustration and even agrees with it. “I saw some of the feedback on ‘Hey, it would have been great if you guys had a new game to announce.’ It’s always great to announce new games and I agree with that. I am very committed to XO and getting that back as part of one of our connections to our fans and our community. Like anything, you do something, and you learn, and you grow from it. The thing I’d say is we’re committed to that” Spencer confidently said.

As Xbox fans patiently for new games to be announced for the system, they can rest easy knowing that Microsoft has been putting their money where their mouth is, in terms of studio acquisitions. One of the newest Microsoft studio acquisitions, Obsidian Entertainment, will be revealing their newest project at this Thursday’s Game Awards 2018 show, so fans won’t have to wait very long to see what is on the approaching horizon.

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Author: Travis White

Editor-In-Chief & Creator of Bonus Accessory. When not publishing on Bonus Accessory, Travis also host the Game Pass Gamecast podcast, centered around Xbox & PC gaming. He also knows that Ubisoft will eventually make another mainline Splinter Cell title (may not be until he's 50, but hey, he'll take it).

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