The Elder Scrolls Blades Delayed Until 2019, Bethesda Confirms

With the ‘fallout’ (yes, pun intended) surround Bethesda’s latest project, Fallout 76, being less than favorable, fans have already begun looking towards the future with the various announced plans the company has; one so being the upcoming mobile adaptation of the company’s incredible popular Elder Scrolls series, entitle ‘the Elder Scrolls: Blades’. Unfortunately, it looks like fans might have to wait a bit longer than intended.

In a tweet released by the series’s official Twitter account, Bethesda announced that the Elder Scrolls: Blades will be releasing towards the beginning of next year. While it does give the development team under Bethesda’s wing more time to improve the quality of the product, fans will unfortunately have to wait a bit long to get their hands on the game.

First announced at E3 in June 2018, the Elder Scrolls: Blades is presented to be as close of an Elder Scrolls experience players can receive on a mobile device. Player will have the ability to scourer dungeons, defeat mythical enemies, and claim glory in the beloved world of Tamriel, all from the comfort of their own mobile device. Todd Howard, one of the prominent faces of Bethesda, said he wanted to create an Elder Scrolls experience in which you can comfortably play it in ‘meeting mode’ (with one hand).

Early access registration for the mobile application is still open to those will a account.

Author: Travis White

Editor-In-Chief & Creator of Bonus Accessory. When not publishing on Bonus Accessory, Travis also host the Game Pass Gamecast podcast, centered around Xbox & PC gaming. He also knows that Ubisoft will eventually make another mainline Splinter Cell title (may not be until he's 50, but hey, he'll take it).

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