Fortnite, the free to play battle royale focused game which continues to grow in popularity, is a staple in pop culture currently. With various crossovers under their belt already, it looks as though there may be another one on the horizon, with a familiar partner company as well.

As first uploaded by Reddit user u/MozzzyyTwitch, a large drive-in theater screen showing Disney Animation Studio character’s Wreck-It Ralph was found in the Risky Reels location in Fortnite’s battle royale map. The character, whose new movie Ralph Breaks the Internet hit theaters this week, is centered around being a fictional video game antagonist who adventures across multiple different game franchises in his movies. Fortnite is also mentioned within the newest entry in the film series, along with multiple other pop culture references.

The free to play shooter is no stranger to working with Disney and their IPs, though. This past May, the Epic Games partnered with Disney and Marvel to bring a limited time mode themed around the Marvel character Thanos. Player would have the ability to play as the multidimensional juggernaut, if they could find the mysterious Infinity Gauntlet on the map, in which the player would become quite over powered. Ralph, on the other hand, has had his fair share of pop culture appearances as well, including a cameo in 2018’s Ready Player One, along with having a role in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

No confirmation has been made on if the gentle giant will be appearing in more ways that what has been shown already, but with the past history between Disney and Epic Games with Fortnite, it would be a safe bet to think this may be the tip of the iceberg of more PR moves with the IP.

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