Command & Conquer Remasters Announced, Red Alert and All DLC Included, No Microtransactions

Prepare for war, Command & Conquer fans. The storied franchise is making its return to PC gaming, with the announcement of Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, and all of the original DLCs are being remastered in a complete package format.

In a statement released on EA’s website, Creative Director, Jim Vessella, stated that the company has been listening to the C&C faithful and are looking forward to giving the community the complete C&C experience. “Today, I’m thrilled to tell you we are going back to the beginning. We have decided to remaster Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn, along with the original Command & Conquer: Red Alert, classic expansion packs (Covert Ops, Counterstrike, and Aftermath), bundled into one remastered collection – without microtransactions”.

EA, which has been the publisher for the series since acquiring original Tiberium Sun in 1998, stated their interest in remastering the series in some fashion last month and how they want to find ways to incorporate their core PC audience while also bringing in new players through their mobile iteration of the series, Command & Conquer: Rivals. “Following the reveal of Rivals, we heard you loud and clear: the Command & Conquer community also wants to see the franchise return to PC, and as a fan of C&C for over 20 years, I couldn’t agree more” Vessella stated in a Reddit post last month.

Vessella also confirmed that EA will be partnering with Petroglyph Games to develop the remastered collection. Petroglyph Games, which is home to many of the original Command & Conquer development team, bring multiple decades of real-time strategy development experience to the project that aims to hit both a nostalgic bone with long-time fans and provide exciting RTS elements to bring in new, interested gamers to the series.

With pre-production only just starting, fans will have the opportunity to see development foster, while providing feedback to those associated with the project. “The exciting part is that we haven’t started development yet. The community is literally getting in on the ground floor of this project and have every opportunity to help influence how we build this remastered experience.”

The Command & Conquer franchise, which first appeared on PC in 1995, is viewed as one of the influential and important series in the modern RTS genre. Spanning 11 mainline entries, 10 expansions, and a multitude of fan-made projects, it continues to be one of the most popular and recognized franchises in PC gaming to this day. The series most recent entry, Command & Conquer: Rivals, will release on Android and iOS devices on December 4th, 2018.


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Author: Travis White

Editor-In-Chief & Creator of Bonus Accessory. When not publishing on Bonus Accessory, Travis also host the Game Pass Gamecast podcast, centered around Xbox & PC gaming. He also knows that Ubisoft will eventually make another mainline Splinter Cell title (may not be until he's 50, but hey, he'll take it).

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