One of the most popular VR titles available today now officially has a release date for one of the most popular and affordable VR options on the market. Beat Saber, the rhythm-based VR title developed by Hyberbolic Magnetism, is officially coming to the PlayStation VR platform on November 20th.


First released on May 1st, 2018 for Windows-based VR platforms, Beat Saber has players slash blocks that represent musical beats with a pair of energy swords that resemble light sabers from the Star Wars franchise. The game has been listed as a Steam Early Access game since its release, and has also been available on the Oculus Store. Since its release, the game has received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews, from both critics and consumers alike, and even becoming the highest rated game on Steam less than a week after its early access release.

A PlayStation VR port has been in the works since the games release, with a public acknowledgment this past summer. The game looks to bolster a continuously growing library of PSVR titles.

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